If you've done meaningful work you'll know the story.  

The annual report you worked on, the numbers that you ran for that important project, the web page you designed, the on-boarding process you designed for your small business, we've all done one or the other. And, we've tried as hard as we can on each and every one of them.  


But it always seems we're in the race for the illusive "perfect" effort.  For some, it's the hunt for the replication of the perfect process, the repeatable, seemingly automatic method of producing superior results.  

We can all stop.  

The reality is that the pathway to "perfect" is right in front of us.  

All we need to do is to focus on making each piece of work, better than the last time we did that work. Not light years better, or miles better, just better. 

Incremental improvements are awesome when we stack them up, one on top of the other.  

So, Monday morning when you get back at it; don't focus on being great (but please don't focus on being ordinary) or being super or even being awesome.  

Just focus on being better.  

And start stacking 'em up. You'll get there.