In Seth Godin's blog post (you can read it here) from May 16th, he talks about the river guide and the rapids in short but eloquent terms.  


Frequently, we're asked to change things up, adapt to the market, react to the news, fine-tune strategies for current events. Nothing could be further from rationale.  

Advisors, when they captain the "boat" correctly tend to not over-react. Over-reaction and emotional actions are the purview of the uninformed short-cut taker.  

And let it be known that there are Clients who over-react and live on emotion and advisors who do so as well, ardent in the belief that the way you add value is to "change it up" and show that you can meet the challenge.  Doing nothing unfortunately is not recognized as strategy in many quarters and that's unfortunate. 

But imagine the heart surgeon who thinks that the likelihood is that you might be in for a cardiac surprise at some point if you don't loose weight and watch your cholesterol telling you that it might be better to operate now just on the off chance something bad might happen someday down the road.  Nope, then you'd feel that doing something was specifically not the thing to do and we'd agree. When the action doesn't cure the problem or when the problem does not yet exist, then staying the course is the right choice. 

Let's celebrate doing nothing by judging it based on it's effectiveness and not it's level of effort.