No matter if you're talking about life, work or finances for that matter, did you ever notice that but only for a chosen few, it never goes quite like you thought that it would? 


Not that that's a problem, I mean, really the problem is one of our own perception of things isn't it? How seldom does our vision of reality ever match the reality that plays out in our lives? The nexus of our angst and frustration often flows not from the way things play out but rather, from the fact that our vision of how they'd play out differs from the way they actually do. 

Joey Roth, artisan (his work can be viewed here)  may have captured it best in this graphic, which I enjoyed enough to purchase and hang on my wall in my office as a reminder.  It reminds me about life, business, my daughter's life, my Clients, their lives, and their reality as well.....given how things will play out, better that you should assume you'll be in the grind and not in the dream. 

Retire Without Worry White Paper.png

What We Want

We want the dream because it's smooth. There's few if any bumps, it's an easy glide up to the pinnacle. But let's look at it this way...if you fall or stumble just when you're nearest the top, what stops you on the dream from just sliding all the way back to the very bottom? 

Oh for sure, the grind looks like it might hurt more were you to stumble and tumble. But remember that on the way up the grind, you built things at each step you accomplished. You set goals that changed you, you found new ways to get things done, altered your vision of your future and met and dealt with reality in more ways than you might care to admit. I'm confident that the work we put in on the grind helps us create and the creations of will, fortitude, balance and perseverance will keep us from falling as far back if we do stumble and tumble. 

So we should rejoice in the understanding that the battle harder fought, the gains more painstakingly garnered are in fact, not only our reality but our best reality.