Enticing title no? 

There is a simpler way to beat a path to progress and it starts from an easy and fundamental premise that's not hard at all to quantify.  

Don't make mistakes.  


Now this might seem obvious and it should be, but what's obvious in the light of day is not so obvious at the point of "doing." 

Reality is that most people inherently believe that the way to make things happen (build a secure nest egg, live the ideal retirement, fund the new vacation home) is to make things happen.  

But that's specifically not the case. Let me recount a "theme" from one of the greatest books I've ever read, "Winning the Losers Game" by Charles Ellis.  

Professionals make things happen by making things happen. Pros can do this because they have a few distinct advantages over you and me. They have information, and most of it far in advance of you and I, they have leverage because of their position and they have excruciatingly obvious (and usually abundant) talent.   When we see Tiger Woods hit an amazing golf shot we see it as infrequent because we see Tiger Woods infrequently. Odds are, he'd be able to hit that shot 90x out of a 100.  We on the other hand, would be able to hit that shot....well, likely never. Ok, maybe 1 out of a 100.

Tiger Woods is a professional, he makes things happen. You and I are amateurs, we get better and sometimes a lot better, not by making things happen but by not making mistakes.  Good, even real good, amateur anythings (golfers, tennis players, painters, investors) get real good by minimizing mistakes. As Charles Ellis put it is in his book, (my paraphrase) "in professional tennis most points are won, in amateur tennis most points that are won are because the other person lost them."  

So, how do you minimize mistakes? Well there are lots of ways. One might be, stop expecting to make something happen and resolve that controlling what you can control is a great way to not make mistakes.  Stop focusing on genius. 

Investing is a game for professionals, Wall Street is Wall Street for a reason, so the next time that you think that you've stumbled upon the next great investment, remember, that's about the same thing as you saying, "huh...I bet Tiger Woods can't do this!"  I'm betting odds are pretty good that if you've got a golf club in your hand when you say that that you're about as wrong as wrong can get. (I will admit, if you're reflecting on how much you love your husband/wife and what wonderful relationship that you've got, one that's been your center in your life that you'd never, ever, jeopardize, then you're right, Tiger Woods probably can't do that. At least he hasn't up till now, so go for that.) 

But if it's golf we're talking about, I'd bet there's few things that you can think of that Tiger Woods can't do when it comes to golf shots. 

Minimizing miscue's is at the heart of most every success story, make it the hallmark of yours too.