Somewhere, amidst all the clutter and confusion, most of it fueled by our innate ability to procrastinate, lies something subtly important; a starting point.  

Of course the bigger question remains, why we don't start things. Especially the things that we know we should start and just can't seem to begin.  

We convince ourselves, I think that the reason that we can't change jobs, or set out on a new career or make a radical change to our diet or overall better health, is that change is hard. We've been told that change is hard almost all of our lives. True we are creatures of habit and habits are hard to break.  But why is that?  If you had little problem learning to smoke, why is "unlearning" to smoke so hard?   Can't you just reverse the process? 


Perhaps, the reason we can't fashion new ways of doing things, or start a new habit is that we're convinced that if we don't start, well then we can't fail.   

The notion of not getting it right is always a better outcome than the notion of "not getting it at all."