Well, it's been over a month now since the plethora of New Years Resolutions were made, and I was wondering how you're doing on accomplishing those "goals" you set for yourself?

Setting goals, whether it's to start a new habit or finally get something done that's been on your to-do list for way too long, plays out many times in an all too typical fashion. 

At the outset, our energy for getting things done is at it's zenith. We can envision all the good that will come from our efforts, and early on, it all seems well worth the sacrifice that we'll have to make. 

But all to often what plays out in real life, is that we make "some" progress towards the goal and then there's an energy shift.  What use to be the energy to accomplish our goal and nothing less, becomes a division of energy.  Part of that energy gets consumed in rationalizing in our mind why being only part way to the goal is good enough. After all, we've lost half of the weight we'd originally planned but we feel better and our clothes fit a bit nicer so that's a plus. The remainder of our energy gets used doing everything within our power not to slip back to where we were before we ever started.  Odd, that our desire to actually meet our goal is all but lost, but only because we never purposely direct our energy back to "accomplishment" not progress. 

In personal finance, I refer to this often as the "knowing v. doing" gap. I can't tell you the number of people that I've worked with who now had teenage children and yet, they hadn't ever gotten their estate documents in order.  Their Wills don't even reference the kids, because the document that they have was drafted before they were borne. In conversation, these folks can recite, title and verse, why they need to update the document, who would have done it were it ever to have been finished, the importance of having it done, the reasons behind having it done, etc. 

You can tell that the tone of confidence in their voice about the issue comes from a place of "doing" not of knowing. For them, knowing that it should be done, knowing how it should be done, knowing that it can be done is the same thing as having actually done it.

Except that it actually isn't.

No matter where you're stuck, getting back on track isn't all that hard. You just need to redirect your energy and focus it back on attaining your goal, not merely moving towards it.  Accept nothing less than "getting it done." Expect nothing less of yourself than you will do it. 

Life in the abyss of compromise and rationalization is a dead-end. 

Now get back out there and start getting it done. 

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