When you own your own business, it's funny how the prospects for failure and fear really never go away, they just sort of ebb and flow over time. 

After nearly thirty years of running a company, I can recall vividly when failure seemed totally possible and others when it seemed we were over the hump, only to have the possibility that we'd be working at WalMart next week creep it's way back in. 

But, I've come to learn that fear of failure is ever present. Maybe it's because I keep on taking paths that expose me to failure?  Just in recent years we've changed or started, or broken and rebuilt things like...

  • A Private Client vault for document storage
  • A 180 degree change in CRM software
  • A 180 degree change in Wealth Management software
  • Moving from "internal" systems and data storage to "cloud" based storage
  • Moving to a "fee only" firm 
  • Moving from pricing based on assets to pricing based on relationships
  • Rolling out four Wealth Management programs
  • Moving offices

And each time, the possibility that it wouldn't work or at least wouldn't work as well was always there. 

At first it’s loud and clear like a bullhorn, because you feel alone and have no idea what you’re doing.
— Meredith Fineman

I love the quote above from Meredith Fineman, Founder and CEO of Finepoint Digital. It comes from a Fast Company piece, 11 Famous Entrepreneurs Share How They Overcame Their Biggest Failure which you can read here. 

And the part of Merediths quote, which we didn't include, the notion that failure which use to be bullhorn is now just an ever-present "hum" in the background. 

I agree with the article, if you're not risking failure pretty frequently you're neither growing or trying enough new things. 

If you're not moving forward, you're standing still and worse, you're getting passed by a lot of people. 

Let's all makes sure we're moving forward.