Evidently, the mutual funds are chomping up your money at a rate about akin to an old Pac Man game. 

Whether it's expense ratios near 2%, coupled with undisclosed trading costs and necessary tax costs, the "active/retail" mutual fund industry continues to pocket literally thousands of your hard earned dollars for their use instead of letting your keep it for yours. All on the failed premise that with their help, you're going to outperform a rather naive "buy and hold" strategy such as buying an S&P 500 Index Fund or ETF. 


History as does this article, seems to demonstrate that you're highly unlikely to beat the market using people/funds that [a] are in and of themselves actually the market and [b] who have to cover their costs which are huge given other investment alternatives. 

Remember, cutting expenses doesn't depend on the market, or Fed Policy or the general direction of interest rates. Reducing the cost of operating a given investment portfolio by 2% means that you get to keep that 2% and it flows right to your bottom line. 

Who needs that 2% more than you do?

Likely, no one. So why not stop doing it.

Let us know, we're here to help.