For nearly 20 years a segment of the Wealth Management profession has been letting you know a very simple, yet immutable fact: That there's more to a "happy" retirement than money. 

The problem has long been that we don't freely associate our "value" (either in the world or; especially in our own minds) with our work. While we may bitch more than a bit about how much we hate our jobs, frustrate over work, good and bad assignments, colleagues, etc. for many of us; our work is an important marker of our vision of how we fit in in the world and why.

As you make your choices to turn away from your work and focus on that next horizon, don't lose sight of the fact that separating from work is just; that a separation. And like any other time connections are broken, the results aren't always easy and transitions can be cumbersome, clumsy and painful. 

Working with someone who has experience in these transitions can be an invaluable part of both your PRE and POST Retirement Planning. 

Sarah O'Brien at CNBC certainly has a good take on it. She has found what I've long known, that accumulating wealth is important; but accumulating wealth targeted on specific goals and lifestyle concerns is imperative. 

When is a good time to start all this? That's simple, yesterday. 

If you haven't started yet or haven't considered it yet, today's a good time to start.