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Entitlement Reform

One of the things that gets overlooked every time the conversation comes up about reworking the Nation's metrics for entitlement programs, is an important and seemingly ever present factor;  

"Until people actually start saving so that dependency on entitlements as a primary means of support declines, changing the programs remains all but impossible." 


As much as we may not care to admit it, one of the "stop you dead in your legislative tracks" will always remain, "my constituents can't afford that to happen..." 

There are a myriad of reasons to plan for your future, not the least of which is that as the demand for social programs grows, and along with it, the cost of funding them, we're on a headlong journey into the realm of "it can't be stopped because we need it too bad but we can't afford to keep it going."   

At some point, someone will have to pay for it beyond what a popular notion of affordability is and it will then either come crashing to a halt, or at least an abrupt and unforeseen slamming on of the brakes. 

Let's help ourselves out this time and stop depending on politicians.  

Save for your future. The likelihood that someone else will want to pay your freight is growing painfully less likely.