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Can we get a Greek update over here?

So, whatever happend to Greece?

Can you remember when seemingly for weeks at a time, all the financial buzz was about the sovereign debt default of a country with the economic prowess of something less than the State of Indiana?

FLASH! Wall Street found something(s) more compelling to use to scare you into trading your accounts....the fiscal cliff.  But wait, we solved that one.  Ok, the how about Sequestration. Oh, wait, that didn't pan out either, but not to worry we've got a budget battle looming so that'll be next.

See, it's much easier to scare with you stuff that's close to home than something half a world away. 

Having been through all the market tumults since the late 1970's I can tell you that our most successful Clients are the ones who never got scared, never got out and never stopped putting money in.  You know why many investors feel like their 401k plan is their best investment (ok, let's ignore for a second that for many it's their ONLY investment)? Because payroll deduction ensures that they'll keep funding their future no matter what happens to Greece or Indiana, even if they do monkey around with their investment mix (P.S., that seldom helps).

So, when the domestic scare tactics abate, don't be surprised if you're taken back to the plight in Europe or the developing markets or some other short term problem that "requires your immediate attention."

Warren Buffet, clearly one of the world's most successful investors said something to the effect of the way to build significant value in the stock market is to buy good companies and keep them. Ever wonder why Cramer has a TV show but not Buffet?

Because it's kinda hard to scare someone with a buy and hold strategy.

Wall Street wouldn't like a show like that.

But you would.