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Interior Design Has Demonstrated Value

Ok, we're not talking here about your choice of furniture or your use of paint colors. Although, I must admit, I have a distinct personal passion for that topic. 

Rather, we're talking about something that I think should be important to us all.

Rather, we're talking about something that I think should be important to us all.

I can, I will, I MUST. 

I can, I will, I MUST. 

Positive Psychology has blessed us with a wisdom. For all our inherent efforts to obtain "happiness" based on our investment accounts, or our job/pay, or bigger home, the reality remains that even with the attainment of those things, happiness still largely eludes us. It is it seems, an immutable reality that happiness breeds better performance in every aspect of our life and happiness is an "inside-out" play, not the other way around. 

In a recent article on Huffington Post Jen Grisanti takes from the recent talk at by Positive Psychologist, Shawn Achor (you can and MUST view the video here) the knowing that "the external world is not the answer for happiness."

That is why in wealth management, we refer to it as "interior design." It's been our experience that the most financially successful clients are those who begin with the notion that they'll first decide what their lives would be like were they their happiest and then, match their financial goals to acheive that life. These are almost always, the most grounded investors, the least likely to panic, the least likely to "quit" when things are getting tough in the markets. They then, invariably wind up being the folks who manage to "get it right" the majority of the time; in markets when they should be and not out when they shouldn't be. 

They're successful not because of a special wisdom about finance or tax policy or the economy or the global financial crisis. They're successful because their goal is to build their lives and they're simply using their resources to meet that goal. 

If you, as we do, start with the focus on the happiest life your plans will be much better, your investments more based on common sense and your willingness and ability to withstand the "whirlwind" of financial news and the whims of the financial markets more centered. Afterall, isn't the plan to live the life you want more than to outperform the S&P 500?

I have to thank Justine Musk for posting this to her Facebook page. You can read Justine's blog at

I'd also highly recommend Shawn Achor's book, "The Happiness Advantage" which you can buy on Amazon or from your i