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It's Always Shark Week

I was reading through some of the blog posts from other authors that I’ve saved over the last few years. 

Seth Godin is one of my favorite writers. The title of one of his posts got me thinking about a corollary between his post and the realm of personal finance. 


“There’s More Than One Shark”

In your quest to build a life based on purpose you need to handle all the sharks. True, some sharks you will slay, some will be avoided and some will be tamed.  Honestly, some sharks may even be ignored, albeit those will be few. This is why “financial life planning” is what we do, because we want to raise client awareness of as many sharks as we can so that we can devise strategies and allocate resources to deal with them too. 

Is your career path and the income that it provides important? Certainly it is. Is controlling spending important? For sure. Is reducing taxes necessary. It beats the alternative. Will a sound risk management strategy payoff? It should, if structured correctly. 

But so is rest, renewal and time with family and friends. So is taking time to learn, read, spiritually connect and grow.  Exercise, diet and contributing to family and society are important too. 

So, I’d like to circle back to close this blog. 

The value of a team of committed people working together to accomplish a goal lies in no small part in greatly increasing the odds that you're handling all the sharks.