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4 Lessons About Collaboration

Dan Sullivan, owner and founder of The Strategic Coach calls it, "rugged individualisum."

It's the notion that we can go it alone, we're relying only on ourselves, our talents, our tenacity and our creativity.  All good traits to be sure, but is "rugged individualisum" a wise business choice?

In this article from Fast Company Magazine, Jeff Havens talks about why you specifically shouldn't try to do everything yourself. 

The Natural

In a recent blog post on The Financial Underground David Allen, world renowned productivity expert and founder of Getting Things Done (GTD) talks about a "natural" decision making process in personal finance. Unfortunately, he also talks about how we use this natural model in our day-to-day lives but fail to use it when it comes to big decisions. This weeks info-graphic lays out the natural method of solving for financial progress.