The Technology Take

Technology is a helpful tool in keeping us connected. However helpful it might be, it should never replace the relationship itself. 

Over the years we've had Clients who have relocated because of a myriad of reasons, many by choice and few, but some, who didn't really have a choice but to relocate due to family and work issues. 

Our technology core centers on a few items;

  • The Client Vault 
  • The Web App for Wealth Management 
  • Web Meetings
  • Phone System Contact

The Client Vault

A Private Page is made available to all our Clients no matter your Membership Program. 

The Client Vault is always accessible from the link on the Home Page of our website. 

The Vault is a "Client Centric" resource in that, we use it a lot of the time to post documents in a secure space such as your Portfolio Progress Reports, archived documents such as copies of Wealth Management Reports and other files that we generate and produce on your behalf. But that's not it's only may not even be it's main one. 

You too might want to use the Vault to post scanned copies or files that you can not afford to not have at least an electronic copy of such as birth or marriage certificates, mortgage documents or deeds, passports or estate documents. 

The Web App for Wealth management

Staying in touch with your finances is a sure fire way to help you stay on track. What gets counted, is more often than not, among the top things that count. 

Whether it's checking your spending or reviewing your investment performance, having instant access to your information is critical in fostering a relationship with our firm that fosters an environment of shared responsibility and success. 

Like the Client Vault, our Wealth Management App is accessible from the link on the Home Page of our website. 

If you haven't visited your Wealth Management App in a while and need a password reset, please call us at 908-223-1496 and we'll get you back up and running in no time. 

Web meetings

Planning and working through financial issues takes time, even with the best of intentions. 

Web Meetings enable us to use technology to handle most, if not all, Client interactions in an efficient way. 

First, you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or office and, we have access to all the data and tools that we need to help make sense of finances often vexing details and nuances. 

Using our technology, we can let you get back to your family or work immediately upon a meeting concluding, instead of worrying about a drive home from a distant office location. 

Of course we want to reassure you that if a face-to-face meeting is what it has to be, we're up to the task, all you need do is let us know. 

Phone System Contact

By leveraging technology we really can have almost a virtual presence. Phone calls placed to the office are automatically relayed to cell phone numbers assigned to put you in touch with the right person at the right time. 

You may experience a short delay when calls are forwarded so don't hang up, we're going to answer straight away.  And if not, then voice mail messages forward throughout the system to ensure that someone gets back to you in a timely manner.