Congratulations, you've reached the cross-road. 

There comes a time when it finally dawns on us that our future will be built on the framework we've laid down over our life.  Our time and attention to those we love and care for, a life of skills and work, form the basis for where the next leg of the journey begins. 

It's also clear that our wealth, no matter how we've accumulated or where its being held, will form the foundation upon which the framework for the remainder of our lives will be laid.  Finances now are the tipping point between today and the unknowing of tomorrow. 

Things that were once opaque and distant concerns, now suddenly race into the present. Taxes, asset location, the transition from a lifetime of saving and investing to a life time of distribution and spending have reshaped the landscape of our decision making.  Odd, we thought that financial decisions and our life's decisions in general, were never more important at each stage of our journey. But now, the ability to chart a specific course, seems to be calling us forward. 

Coach Clients have resources at their disposal, sufficient enough in amount to begin the process of designing the next phase with confidence and clarity. Decision making now will position you for the future you've always envisioned. 

Annual Membership: $8,000