Making Your Investment Election Below

We're glad you've reviewed your Risk Profile Report and made a decision about how you'd like for us to build out your investment portfolio moving forward. We want to let you know that the model selection you make today doesn't have to be the "forever one" though. 

You should always let us know if your life circumstances change in such a way that it impacts either your earnings, spending or goals in a meaningful way. That may be a clear signal that we need to re-evaluate where we're at as it relates to risk, liquidity or other factors that might be at odds with current thinking. 

Let's do a quick review........

The decision you're about to make, known as "asset allocation" has been shown to count for as much as 91% of all investment returns; it's more important than what you buy, when you buy it, or luck. 

Four Portfolios

Pre-built investment models that span a "reasonable" risk scale, from low to high....

  • Conservative Balanced- mostly conservative but with a segment of growth assets 
  • Balanced- typically, about 60% growth assets and 40% conservative assets
  • Equity Tilt- mostly growth assets, to about 70%, with a 30% commitment to conservative assets
  • Equity- 100% allocation to growth related assets

No Commissions or Trading Cost

Through the exclusive use of Schwab One Source Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) we can build a diversified portfolio with only a few hundred dollars.