Pathway Flat-Fee Investment Management

We built Pathway to fix the problems that you just finished reading about. 

We've applied some pretty simple metrics to prevent each and every problem that the current investment management pricing landscape has created. 

Fixed Pricing at a Flat Fee

The fee for the Pathway Program is fixed at 0.80% of assets. It does not go up as the value of your account rises, nor does it go up if you invest more money.

This is contrary to most if not all current pricing models where either commissions are paid or the management fee is a percentage of the assets in your account. 

But you know what's even nicer.....the wealth that you get to keep. 

The graph below shows the value of $100,000 invested for 20 years and shows the value of your account based on industry average expenses as opposed to the cost of a Pathway Portfolio. The difference in ending account value is nearly $130,000 higher which, by reducing your fees could well wind up in your pocket rather than Wall Streets.

Source Data: Value of $100,000 growth by Barry Capital Management, Inc. Returns are neither estimated or guaranteed and ignore transaction, commission and tax costs. 

Average Expense Ratio: The Investment Company Institute's 2013 Handbook; 53rd Edition. 


Interested in finding out how Pathway stacks up against your current investment program?