PWM (Personal Wealth Manager)

You've arrived.  We'd like to commend you on a job well done. 

Ironically, this is the place you've planned on being for a long time.  Of course, there's one thing that you'll notice about your current didn't answer all the questions that you thought it would did it? Remember the day you envisioned having the wealth you have today and thinking that when you got here, that the hard work and agony of decision making would be long gone? And yet, it's not. 

Each chapter we face has it's own unique circumstances that require our focus and attention. Wealth, whether accumulated over a life time of work, or created early by creativity and design, presents it's own problems and opportunities. 

Critical decisions, once seemingly isolated and frequent, now seem to have the ability to impact years even decades into the future. It's a time when we can contemplate our legacy, our ability to impact the lives of those we've chosen to nurture and care for. 

Personal Wealth Manager Clients can apply their vision of the future to create a practical reality. But, wealth can be fleeting, so care vigilance and mistakes avoided will help to ensure that the legacy you see is the legacy realized. 

Annual Membership: $10,000 and up (Personal Wealth Manager Clients experience highly unique and complex circumstances and as such PWM Client's pricing is highly customized and covers a range of fees at and above the $10,000 threshold).