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As a progressive firm, Raare Solutions strives to create the best possible work environment for its employees. One of the ways we do that is to make sure that even while you're helping us grow, focused on the tasks that today demands, we're helping you focus on the longer-term, by helping you provide for your future with a top quality retirement program that's as good as any company of any size can offer. 


And, we're going to save you some work too, by having one of New Jersey's leading Wealth Management firms, Barry Capital Management, design portfolios for our exclusive use.  They'll be your contact point for all your plan related questions, especially those that involve your investment process. You can reach out to Bob Barry, CFP® at 908-223-1496, or, you can send him a message here. 

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Raare PS 401k Investment options

There are many investment options available to you as a participant in the plan. Here's an overview of the investment options. A full list of the investments that are available to you can be accessed here

Target Date Funds

Target Date Funds can serve as a "one stop" investment option. In simple terms, you pick a target date fund that has an "end" date close to your retirement age goal date. As an example, if you're 25 years old today and want to own a target date fund as your investment option, a Target Date 2058 option would be nice. You may not get that exact a date but you can get close. 

Target Date Funds are a "set it and forget it" option. You, as the participant don't have to worry about investment decisions since those are taken care of at the fund level by a manager or management team. Also, the relative risk of the target date fund changes over time. Today, when you're farthest from your "goal date" you'll be more aggressively invested, but, as you move closer to your goals, the risk in the portfolio should decline as you move from "growth investments" (i.e., think "stocks") toward "conservative investments" (i.e., think bonds and cash.)

There are a host of things you can "leave up to the managers" with target date investing including rebalancing the fund over time. 

As a general rule, if you select a Target Date option, it should be your only holding. To do otherwise, might defeat the real value in owning a target date option.

Core or "Market Based" Funds

Part of your investment mix contains a more prototypical set of investment options, covering the S&P 500, (large company stocks), the Russell 2000 (smaller company stocks), International stocks, Emerging Market stocks and intermediate terms bonds amongst others. 

There are enough "core or market based" investment options that would allow a participant to build a robust, low-cost and broadly diversified portfolio. 

Sector or "satellite" Funds

During most any market, there are certain sectors of the market that are predicated to outperform the broader overall market. 

The plan includes sector coverage for communications, real estate, utilities, information technology, industrials, financials and even health care. 

You should note that sector investing is generally riskier than a broadly diversified portfolio offer. But, there's a methodology known as "core and satellite" investing where you allocate lets say 70-80% of your assets to a "core or market based" scenario and then allocate the remainder to one or multiple sectors. 

the relationship between "risk" and "return"

Sound investment planning starts with correctly matching Investor Risk with Investor Rewards.  Barry Capital and Finametrica, a recognized world leader in Investor Risk Assessment, have teamed up to match your personal risk capacity, with your own unique portfolio.  Simply click the button to the right and a link to your own Risk Profile will be emailed directly to you. When it's completed, you'll hear from Barry Capital about selecting a portfolio that's just right for you. 


The Four BCM/Raare Solutions 401k Investment Models

In an effort to assist you with your investments; Barry Capital Management, Inc. has designed for your four investment models that you might choose to use in implementing your investment strategy.

The four models are based on risk/return characteristics as well as appropriate diversification metrics. If you choose to use one of these models as your guide, you'll still have to manually select the investments at the account level in the proportions shown on the spreadsheet. 

You can access the BCM/RAARE investment model spreadsheet here

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