Raare Solutions LLC Profit Sharing 401k

As a progressive firm, Raare Solutions strives to create the best possible work environment for its employees. One of the ways we do that is to make sure that even while you're helping us grow, focused on the tasks that today demands, we're helping you focus on the longer-term, by helping you provide for your future with a top quality retirement program that's as good as any company of any size can offer. 


Working with one of the most competitive firms in the brokerage industry, your account will be held at Charles Schwab and Company and you'll have the benefit of all the services of one of the leaders in discount brokerage. 


And, we're going to save you some work too, by having one of New Jersey's leading Wealth Management firms, Barry Capital Management, design portfolios for our exclusive use.  They'll be your contact point for all your plan related questions, especially those that involve your investment process. You can reach out for either Julie Tessitore or Bob Barry, CFP® at 908-223-1496, or, you can send them a message from here

Sound investment planning starts with correctly matching Investor Risk with Investor Rewards.  Barry Capital and Finametrica, a recognized world leader in Investor Risk Assessment, have teamed up to match your personal risk capacity, with your own unique portfolio.  Simply click the button to the right and a link to your own Risk Profile will be emailed directly to you. When it's completed, you'll hear from Barry Capital about selecting a portfolio that's just right for you. 

The Four Raare Solutions 401k Investment Models

 Comfortable and conservative; less stocks, more bonds. 
 Just the right mix, an equal helping of both stocks and bonds
 You're a rocket...exclusively stock, big growth with a bumpier ride.