Having online access to your Schwab account can help you stay in touch with your money.

We encourage online enrollment for all our Clients and we're glad to provide you with instructions on how to set up your Schwab Alliance access. 

Consider too, enrolling for Electronic Delivery for all Schwab related paperwork. Not only will you help the environment, but you'll also cut your trading costs considerably. 

You can call Schwab at 800-515-2157 for any assistance. 

The brochure below outlines the varying “access” points a Client has for Schwab Alliance. All current and future Barry Capital Management, Inc. Clients will be enrolled in “Standard” view. As you’ll see from reviewing the brochure; “Standard” view allows you total access to your money if the situation warrants you to get that access.

Below is the main brochure for setting up and reviewing the services and actions that you can take as a Schwab Alliance user. As with the image above; click anywhere on the image below to be taken to a viewable and printable version of this important document.